The New 50s: Far From Retirement

Making a New Start in a Business of Their Own

Whether because of layoffs or a desire for a new challenge, older people are becoming entrepreneurs at an increasing rate. — The New York Times

The Case for Hiring Older Workers

… perhaps one of the biggest and most problematic types of bias we face is the bias of age: we often evaluate people based on their age, and this is now becoming a major challenge in the workplace. — Harvard Business Review

Finding My Identity After Losing My Job at 60

I turned 60 last year, and within months learned that the job I’d hoped would be my last before retirement was being cut. — Next Avenue

The Longevity Project at Stanford University presents the video: “Older Workers and the Lessons of the Pandemic.” The panel discusses the difficulty in finding work as we age and the repurcussions. One panel member, 63-year old Ray Suarez,  a well-known journalist with PBS Newshour among his credits, explains his experience looking for work after a storied career. You can read his story in The Washington Post.

The pandemic has spurred surges in camping and RV travel due to the need for social distancing and outdoor activity. But it’s not all fun and vacations: one group of Americans adopted a self-sufficient and nomadic lifestyle long ago, living full-time in motor homes and working seasonal jobs to support themselves as they travel the United States. Paul Solman reports on retirement-age “workampers.”



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