President-Elect Biden and New Congress Must Act Quickly to Address COVID-19 Threats to Older Americans

NCOA (Nat’l Coucil on Aging) outlines three priorites for first 1oo days and remainder of 2021. — NCOA website

2020 Election: 10 Questions About Aging In America For The Presidential Candidates

When our Constitution was crafted, the average life expectancy in the U.S. was barely 37 years and the median age was a mere 16. During the time of our Founding Fathers, there was no anticipation of an “age wave.”  — Forbes

Older Americans Act Reauthorized for 5 Years

Funding for meals, caregiving helps about 11 million older adults annuallyAARP

More details here.

Congress Limits Medicare Part B Premium Increase

Bipartisan spending deal includes fix that also protects enrollees’ Social Security COLA  — AARP

Another Problem On The Health Horizon: Medicare Is Running Out Of Money

… the pandemic is accelerating a problem that used to be front and center in health circles: the impending insolvency of Medicare. — NPR

Medicare Premium News

The government announced last Friday that the standard monthly premium for Medicare outpatient care, or “Part B” coverage, will be $148.50 in 2021. That’s up $3.90 from the 2020 premium.

The annual deductible for recipients will be $203, which is up $5 from this year.  Medicare Part B covers medical services and supplies, preventive services, durable medical equipment, and ambulance services.

Pending Federal Legislation

The National Council on Aging’s Action Center lists current efforts to enact legislation protecting seniors 

Elder Abuse Advocacy

In 2010, the Elder Justice Act was signed into law as part of the Affordable Care Act. The campaign to promote elder abuse produced this video.


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