Financial planning, wills, trusts, second mortgages, annuities, insurance, knowing when to draw Social Security—for some of these, we’ve planned well, and in some cases, no matter how much we’ve planned, the money just isn’t there to secure our financial well-being.

A major anxiety among older adults is that their money will run out during their lifetime. That worry is warranted. The US Government Accountability Office finds almost one-third of people 55 or older have neither retirement savings nor a pension. And a study by the Insured Retirement Institute finds that only 55 percent of baby boomers have some savings and of those, 28 percent have less than $100,000, which means approximately half of retirees will be or are living off Social Security. 

This space explores financial options, entitlement programs, and choices we may need to make to stretch our resources. And, what if enough isn’t enough?



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