Silver: A State of Mind

Vicki Topaz, a photographer from San Francisco, explores through words and images how gray (silvering) hair, an outward sign of aging, is worn and perceived by the women who dare not dye. See the full gallery here on her website. And visit her facebook page.

‘I refused to let them intimidate me’: the untold stories of LGBT+ seniors

At a new exhibition, Not Another Second, 12 LGBT+ seniors share stories of resilience, struggle and love — The Guardian

The Age of Wisdom: Why our elders were the best of us in 2020

Biden, Jagger, Mirren… as celebrity septuagenarians (and their seniors) steal the spotlight, we salute the resilience of those who have lived long enough to know good times always return — The Guardian

Finding Wisdom in the Letters of Aging Writers

8 Artists Who Explore The Beauty Of The Aging Body

Wrinkles, lines, scars, spots. There are many ways time leaves its mark on the human body. Mainstream culture typically dreads the aging process and all its defining characteristics — gray hair, sagging skin, translucent complexion. Of course, the transformation is not optional. And it doesn’t have to be detrimental either. — Huff Post

“Seventy. Merely a number but one indicating the passing of a significant percentage of the allotted sand in an egg timer, with oneself the darn egg. The grains pour and I find myself missing the dead more than usual. I notice that I cry more when watching television, triggered by romance, a retiring detective shot in the back while staring at the sea, a weary father lifting his infant from the crib. I notice that my own tears burn my eyes, that I am no longer a fast runner and that my sense of time seems to be accelerating.”

by Patti Smith Year of the Monkey

A Concerto is a Conversation

A young composer connects with his grandfather who recently was diagnosed with cancer. — New York Times Docs (Video)


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