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Stop Worrying About Biden’s Age. We Need His Wisdom Right Now.

There’s a lot to be said now for a president with loads of experience. — The New York Times

‘Fast-Forward’ challenges viewers to have tough conversations about aging

A forthcoming PBS documentary produced by FLX Entertainment blends traditional documentary filmmaking with reality TV-style experiences to help young adults and their parents prepare for the physical and cognitive impacts of aging. —

Why We Can’t Tell the Truth About Aging

A long life is a gift. But will we really be grateful for it?

With a plethora of books published about getting older many point to the value of successful aging and how to attain it. But are we trying to put a bold face to the realities of aging? Krystal reviews the “genre” of books on aging — current and historical — to ponder what it means to grow older and, in fact, how it feels. by Arthur Krystal of The New York Times

Against Ageism: It's time to stop treating senior citizens as a burden

[It begins:] ON THE DAY that my husband died, I was two weeks short of my sixty-seventh birthday, and I thought that once I got through the terrible grief and the distress of having to leave the rolling grasslands of southern Saskatchewan, where I’d lived for thirty–three years, for Calgary, I would still have time ahead of me in which to enjoy a wonderful new life.

by Sharon Butala, from The Walrus magazine

Ageism is exasperated by Covid-19 and may continue post-pandemic

“Why Older People Might Suffer Most, Post-Pandemic”

By grouping all people 65 and older into one category, we may inadvertently make a world where later years are valued less

Read more in Rolling Stone.

Unemployment Benefits for Social Security recipients

You can collect unemployment even if you already receive Social Security benefits. In fact, unemployment benefits are not considered wages under the Social Security annual earnings test, so they will not affect your Social Security benefits. More info.

"Young at Heart" — A documentary film to uplift your spirits

A New England chorus composed of olders perform rock and roll songs in their own unique style, led by their tireless music director. The documentary follows their chaotic rehearsals, their performances and their lives. Highly entertaining and uplifting. You can rent it at google play and Amazon Prime. And visit their website.

Next Avenue-where grown-ups keep growing

From their About Us page: Next Avenue is public media’s first and only national journalism service for America’s booming older population. Our daily content delivers vital ideas, context and perspectives on issues that matter most as we age. (a site worth visiting)


We are on a rock travelling around 1 of 100 billion stars. Our species is 1 of over half a billion that have ever existed. Our chances of being born are about 1 in 400 trillion. Enjoy your amazing life. You’ll never exist again. — Ricky Gervais, Twitter post

The Longevity Project at Stanford University presents the video: “A New Ageism:? Fallout from the Pandemic” The panel includes Louise Aronson (geriatrician, writer, and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco), Richard Eisenberg (senior web editor at Next Avenue) and Paul Irving (chairman of the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging).

8 years ago, textile artist Yoshiko Jinzenji bought a 400-square-meter plot of land up Mount Hiei in Kyoto to build a kitchen house. The house is an integrated suite with two kitchens, no storage, and everything is just out there. All the materials in the house were collected by herself, “This is my last gift to myself.” (Note: turn on closed captions for subtitles)